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How the Economic Machine Works

Ray Dalio's simple framework for thinking about the economy.

Smart Things

These are a few minor things I wished someone had told me earlier in life.

Rosenberg on Reputation

The sum of it is that no dealer, curator, buyer, or critic, or any existing combination of these, can be depended on to produce a reputation that is more than a momentary flurry.

Links (July 2015)

Various links of interest from July 2015

Learning How to Learn

Key notes from the massively popular Learning How to Learn MOOC on Coursera.

A few thoughts on Control

A quick primer on breaking down the external world into things you can control, can influence, and cannot control at all.

My 2017 Home Screen

A look at a few apps I have used in 2017

How to get the Economist for Free

How to get free access to digital versions of The Economist and various other newspapers and magazines.

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